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"...And Now We Ride" Released!


Sellsword's first album, "...And Now We Ride" was released in the winter of 2016. This 13 track epic contains everything from mid-tempo classic heavy metal tracks to blazing symphonic power metal shred-fests, and even a ballad! Lyrically, it deals with battle, betrayal, besieging & vengeance, as well as a song about sand zombies; Ashen Hand. Despite only having been released for a short time, it has already seen immense interest from fans around the world, and high praise from the press

Track Listing

01 ...And Now We Ride
02 The Warrior
03 Battleground
04 Crossing the Blades
05 Rise and Take Command
06 Against the Wind
07 Sellsword
08 Ashen Hand
09 Merchants of Menace
10 The Siege
11 Starlight
12 Hardrada
13 Meet Your Maker